In this post, we're going to discuss self-defense while inside of a vehicle.


Often, we hear about commercial drivers such as truckers, rideshare drivers i.e. uber and lyft, limousine drivers, turo drivers, food delivery drivers i.e. grubhub, doordash, ubereats, and postmates, being attacked or carjacked.

While we advocate against any use of force to protect property, there are times when a life is being threatened and force is required to protect innocent life.


You don't carry a longsword in a small hallway so why would you carry anything large inside of a vehicle.  Unlike placing firearms and rifles inside of a vehicle, we would only carry items that are compact, easy to deploy, and wouldn't harm innocent bystanders such as:

The lethal AEA Precision Backpacker .30 Cal with folding buttstock and built in suppressor, this PCP Air Carbine Semi-Auto shoots .30 Caliber metal pellets or metal slugs at 60 Foot Pounds Energy (FPE) using 3500 PSI of compressed air which is more FPE than the 53 FPE required to penetrate the human skull and the 58 FPE required for lethality according to the US Army.  The Backpacker comes with a removable folding stock for compact and mobile solutions dependent on the situation and use case.  The built in suppressor, included and if attached, allows for self-defense without causing too much alarm and any mistake as to if it is a firearm.

The non-lethal Byrna HD Kinetic Launcher, at 10 FPE this plastic .68 caliber hard plastic Semi-Automatic CO2 powered launcher hits hard enough to break skin and auto glass thus leaving you enough time to get away without sending anyone to the morgue or anybody questioning about the intent to kill. The orange color makes it obvious that this is not a firearm as not to alarm law enforcement.  Byrna also has pepper ball options but who wants to eat pepper if they miss?

The pocket knife, a cost effect and classic melee way to deter anyone up close and personal but mileage may vary depending on skill, speed, and strength.

If you are still not sure, here is a good runner up:

The almost lethal AEA Precision SS .30 Cal Plus with folding buttstock, this Semi-Auto PCP Air Pistol shoots .30 Caliber metal pellets or metal slugs at 50 FPE.  This air pistol unlike its bigger brother is not lethal, but its darn close to lethal, again, about 3 FPE shy of being able to punch through a human skull.  It does not have a built in suppressor but it is shorter by 3 inches coming in with a 10 inch barrel and easier on the pocket books at close to half the price.


So in conclusion, there are plenty of great options out there like the ones mentioned above in small spaces, inside of vehicles personal or commercial.  These options are also great for people who are against the use of firearms or unable to obtain firearms for whatever reason.


BONUS: If you would like to read about larger and more powerful rifles like the AEA Precision .72 Cal Zeus "the most powerful production airgun in the world" as of this writing, which pushes out about as much power as an AK-47 make sure to read our previous blog here on the viablility of modern airguns for use in self defense.  Spoiler Alert: Level IIIA body armor torn, car doors punched through, bricks turned into dust, and cement block annihilation videos along with scientifically peer reviewed government studies (citations included).



Disclaimer: We are not attorneys or are offering any legal advice, please seek an attorney for any legal matters.













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