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The Survival Airguns Story

Founded in Southern California, in 2020 during the time of the pandemic, civil unrest, food supply shortage, political outrage, and economic uncertainty. Survival Airguns is the premiere source of all things Air Gun, Big Bore, and Survival Gear (includes SHTF, Prepper, Preparedness, End of World, Alien Invasion, and Zombie Apocalypse) related.

Our objective, purpose, mission statement, or whatever you call it, is for you, your family, and your friends to survive. 

We carry both lethal and non-lethal airguns. We have listed the FPE (Foot Pounds Energy) for all air rifles and pistols listed on our website.  Not only do we specialize in premium semi-automatic and fully-automatic airguns, but we also carry the most powerful airguns in the world as well.

We are proudly an authorized dealer for B&W Airguns, Predator International, Inc., Nielsen Specialty Ammo, DonnyFL, Savior Equipment, Hatsan Arms Company, Umerex, Byrna Technologies, Inc., Leapers Inc., American Technologies Network, Corp., Fiskars Brands Inc, AEA Precision Airguns Inc., and all of the other amazing brands listed on our website.  

We only list items that we personally use and vet on our site, so that you are not bogged down by a catalog of unnecessary items.

Airguns vs Zombies


Zombie Go Boom confirmed that a .22 Cal airgun with only 25 Foot Pound Energy (FPE) will slay a zombie.

Warning: Never ever point an airgun at any person or living thing whether loaded or unloaded as this could cause serious injury or even death.

Airguns For Survival



At Survival Airguns we take the 11 steps an additional step further by adding only premium Stealthy Semi/Full Auto and Long Range Airgun selections. 

No cocking or pumping in close quarter situations, no 2nd amendment issues, no license or permits, no waiting period, no gunpowder residue, no explosions, no recoil, and little no maintenance.

ATF Form 6 Parts I, II, 6NIA & 6A Exemptions

7. Air guns, pellet guns, starter guns and flare guns provided they are not firearms as defined in 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(3) and do not have tear gas dissemination capability.

§921. Definitions(a) As used in this chapter—

  • (1) The term “person” and the term “whoever” include any individual, corporation, company, association, firm, partnership, society, or joint stock company.
  • (2) The term “interstate or foreign commerce” includes commerce between any place in a State and any place outside of that State, or within any possession of the United States (not including the Canal Zone) or the District of Columbia, but such term does not include commerce between places within the same State but through any place outside of that State. The term “State” includes the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and the possessions of the United States (not including the Canal Zone).
  • (3) The term “firearm” means (A) any weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive; (B) the frame or receiver of any such weapon; (C) any firearm muffler or firearm silencer; or (D) any destructive device. Such term does not include an antique firearm.
  • (4) The term “destructive device” means—(A) any explosive, incendiary, or poison gas—(i) bomb,(ii) grenade,(iii) rocket having a propellant charge of more than four ounces,(iv) missile having an explosive or incendiary charge of more than one-quarter ounce,(v) mine, or(vi) device similar to any of the devices described in the preceding clauses;




Warning: This is not legal advice, nor do we claim to be attorneys.  Please consult an attorney, your state, county, city, and local government regarding the legality of possession or ownership of an airgun in your personal situation.

Warning: Never ever point an airgun at any person or living thing whether loaded or unloaded as this could cause serious injury or even death.

400 Feet with a .25 Cal Airgun


SP GUNS claims his older model .25 cal airgun with only 37 Foot Pound Energy (FPE) is lethal at 120 meters (393.701 Feet).

Who's ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? Will you survive?

Warning: Never ever point an airgun at any person or living thing whether loaded or unloaded as this could cause serious injury or even death.

2022 Airgun Lethality Chart

Baseline Survival Airguns Lineup Firearms Maximum FPE by Country Foot Pounds Energy (FPE)
Airsoft Pellet 1
CO2 BB 2
Daisy Red Ryder Classic 2
Canada 4.2


Byrna SD 9.59
Paintball Marker 10
UK 12
Hatsan Sortie Tact .25 19
AEA HP SS .22 20
AEA HP SS .25 30
Hatsan Invader Auto .25 33.5
AEA HP SS .30 50
Hatsan Blitz .30 53
AEA HP Backpacker .25 55
AEA HP Backpacker .30 58
AEA HP Bullpup Semi .25 80
AEA Challenger Pro .22 80
AEA Challenger Pro .25 90
.22LR 105
 AEA HP SS Max .30 100
AEA Terminator .30 110
AEA Challenger Pro .30 120
AEA Challenger Pro .35 150
AEA HP SS Max .35 150
AEA Terminator .357 160
SW Airguns FD-8P 179
AEA HP SS Max .45 300
AEA HP SS Max .50 300
B&W S45 300
9MM 320
SW Airguns FD-15T 375
Hatsan Piledriver .50 800
AEA Zeus .58 1100
AR-15 1175
AEA Zeus .72 1500
AK-47 1502